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  • The Stoplight Parrot is one of the most popular parrots we carry. There is an extreme color difference between the juvenile/female and the supermale. As with most parrots, they can change sexes. There is typically one supermale per harem, and if something happens to the supermale, the largest female will change sexes and become a supermale. As with all parrots, they are not reef safe, as they eat stony corals in the wild. However, they are very easy to care for, and make excellent additions to a FOWLR aquarium. Stoplights are a midsized parrot, reaching 18-24" at maturity. Extra Larges are typically still in the Female pattern. Supermale pattern is sold as a Supermale

    Stoplight Parrot (Sparisoma viride)

    SKU: 634
    • Approved DOA's will be issued as a credit on the next order. Shipping is non-refundable.

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