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  • Queen Angels are the Crown Jewel of the Atlantic Angelfish, and the color variation found in the Florida Keys is second to none. Ours are much more colorful than ones from South America, Mexico, and even Northern Florida. Hardy eaters, easy to care for, moderately aggressive (mostly towards other Queens or Angels), and definitely not reef safe. However, if you are looking for a center piece for your FOWLR tank, this is your fish. This our most popular item, and always in stock. While they love sponge in their native habitat, ours will be eating mysis shrimp, Formula II pellets, and most likely flakes when we ship them. Juveniles set up cleaning stations, and act as cleaners to other fish.

    Queen Angelfish (Holacanthu ciliaris)

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    • Approved DOA's will be issued as a credit on the next order. Shipping is non-refundable.

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