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Green Wheel Zoas are one of many species of zoanthinds we collect here in the Florida Keys/Caribbean. This particular variation has a darker mouth with vibrant bright metallic green stripes extending nearly to the outer lashes or tentacles. The stripes flouresce nicely under your blue lights. While zoa's are photosynthetic and thus don't "need" feeding, they will flourish with the occasional use of a coral food or even baby brine shrimp. They do not need much, so don't overfeed. As with other zoa's, care is required when handling, as they can release a palytoxin which can be dangerous if it gets into your eyes or cuts in your skin. Always wear hand and eye protection when fragging corals. In Florida, we are not allowed to collect zoa's attached to rock. Thus, we sell them by the polyp, and they will be in a loose mat that is very easy to frag so you can attach to anything you want.

Sizes are as follows:

Single - minimum of 1 polyp

Small - minimum of 10 polyps

Medium - minimum of 20 polyps

Large - minimum of 30 polyps

Green Wheel Zoanthids

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