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  • The Mocha-Vinci clownfish is a designer clown that is a variant of A. ocellaris. It is a darker orange, almost coffee brown in some spots, hence the name. A variant of the Mocha and DaVinci, the Mocha-Vinci has a more broken up pattern than the Mocha. Like all designer clowns, they are captive bred, and more resistant to disease, as well as accustomed to eating a variety of aquarium foods. They are not as aggressive as the larger maroon type clowns and typically get along with other clowns, as long as they are introduced at the same time. Two clowns will typically pair up, and the larger one will become the female. Reef safe and active, they are sure to be a showpiece in your aquarium.

    We sell our clownfish at Small (less than 1"), Medium (1-1.5") and Large (1.5-2")

    Mocha-Vinci Clownfish

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